Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Penang Bang Bang

In a nutshell
Fudz: Penang
Cuisine: Penang
Location: Penang

The story
I wished I blogged about what we ate in Malacca, not Penang. However, I've foregone many write-ups about what I ate in 2015 due to mostly laziness, partly busy-ness. I was hold a few jobs to support my wanderlust.

If I ever become a textbook figure in future, 'How I became fat(ter)' will remain a mystery forever. That chapter will be thin while it is filled with photos of me, fat. I don't think I want to be a textbook figure. I just want a great figure.

As usual, I digressed. 

The five of us - Hamster, Mouse, Owl, Duwee and I decided to head to Penang in early September. Most of us had not been to Penang before. We attempted to research the night before we set off. Mouse did most of the research while the rest of us looked at maps and figured out the flow of the itinerary. I contacted Uncle Jeffrey - a driver and guide in Penang. 

This is Uncle Jeffrey, I sneaked a photo of him as we 'lim' diabetic-inducing teh tahrik. RM$1.10 a cuppa. It's milky and perfect for anyone who is into sweet drinks. I could not finish mine, fine as it was.

Uncle Jeffrey is possibly the best driver in Penang, even though I only met one. He lives in Penang all his life and he knows the history of all the iconic building. He told us that during WWII, Japanese soldiers used to display heads of the beheaded on the blue spikes that run along the perimeters of the Police Station. I didn't want to look at the blue spikes after that. He also told us of a freak incident that involved a fallen part of a building and the poor car that was on the receiving end of it. The car was driven (no less) into the ground by the force of gravity and the driver was never found. Not all his stories are gory and nothing could dampen our appetites anyway. Uncle Jeffrey called us 'champions'. He hadn't had tourists who could practically eat non-stop throughout the day. We love making history that isn't too scary.